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What we offer – thousands of products to choose from

We currently feature about 3,000 products.

Across these categories:

Pantry, Beverages, Hair, Bath & Body, Skin Care, Health, Cosmetics, Cleaning, Household, Babies & Kids and Pets. 

And they are reputable brands. Popular brands.

Brands your customers love. 

What we offer – promotion and deals

Every month, there are trade promotion being given to retailers. 

But not everyone knows about these deals.

Because sometimes, news can travel a bit slowly.

Why don’t you sign up with us?

We update promotions every month onto our website and our app. 

You will be notified whenever any new trade deal/ promotions happen. 

Signing up is free. 

And it takes only 1 min of your time.

What we offer – ease of ordering

Order whenever you want, wherever you are.

And we make it very…very…very…very… easy for you. 

You can choose to order via ANY of these methods:

  • Order through our website.
  • WhatsApp us your order – +6012 682 3385
  • Write your order on a piece of paper, snap a pic and WhatsApp to us 
  • Call our customer service to order (+6012 682 3385) 
  • Click on the “Chat Icon” on the bottom right of your screen and send us your order via any of the channels.

What we offer – fast and free delivery*

We try to deliver within 2-3 days. 

That’s quite fast. 

If there are special circumstances, like our business boom-boom-boom big time causing us to be slower than usual, we will then inform you and make the next best arrangement for you. 

Free delivery for orders above RM300 (within KL & Selangor) and above RM1,000 (for other states within West Malaysia). 

What we offer – payment options that fit your business needs

We allow various payment options – you can choose to pay by:

  • Credit Card / Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash on Delivery

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